Urinator Review

By | 01.03.2022

Imagine you spent the weekend partying, only to receive information about a drug test at your workplace. Or you might even be applying for a new job, and required to screen before being hired. If you find yourself in these situations or any other regarding drug tests, nothing beats using The Urinator kit. Consuming weed within the last month increases your chances of testing positive, which could have disastrous consequences, such as losing your job or not being employed at a new workplace.

Individuals can avoid these by using powdered urine or a clean pee from a friend. The powdered urine is mixed with warm water and can be passed out in the restroom with the Urinator Device. Though it might seem like a better option to use a friend’s pee, you cannot be too sure of the drugs they have been consuming. Unless you have been monitoring a person, you should not assume they are clean. So, it is advisable to give synthetic urine a chance.

There are numerous synthetic urine kits available in place of weed detox, but you have to choose the right one for optimal results. You would find many crap products online, but for confidence in a fake urine sample and a reliable delivery method, the Urinator kit is your best bet. It comes with a quality powdered urine formula and a device to pass the urine on the test day. Our The Urinator review gives an in-depth analysis of how the product works, how to use it, and other valuable details.

What is The Urinator?

The Urinator is a modern electronic urine testing device, also known as fake pee belts, that helps with passing a urine drug test by maintaining the temperature for about four hours using a set of batteries. It comprises the following:

  •       Two temperature test strips
  •       A digitally controlled self-regulated heating element
  •       A single calibrated bottle filling device.
  •       A syringe
  •       Two free synthetic urine concentrate samples, and
  •       Operator’s manual

Instead of the concentrates, you can also use the Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee, which was the first liquid urine product. It is advisable to prepare the synthetic urine on the day of the test to maintain the temperature. Then, you can strap the belt around your waist and wear The Urinator to pass a drug test.

What does Synthetic Urine Contain?

Although many companies vary the contents of their urine solutions, there are integral ingredients that would make your urine appear as normal and free of marijuana as possible. To imitate the properties of urine, synthetic urine is produced with constituents like chemicals, yellow coloring, creatine, and uric acid. This helps the employee to produce a clean urine sample for the test without any suspicions, as the natural substances are found after testing. Below are the essential ingredients used in producing synthetic urine.

  1.     Urea, a natural component of urine.
  2.     Creatine, a compound produced by the kidneys.
  3.     Balanced pH levels, with a value close to that of normal urine.
  4.     The specific gravity of urine.

Different products omit one or more of these ingredients. So, you have to choose a fake urine sample that mimics the contents of urine as much as possible. This way, you stand a better chance of passing the drug test.

How Does It Work?

If you have questions like does the urinator really work? this review highlights the details of how it does. Maintaining the temperature of the sample is one of the commonest problems that face persons using synthetic urine to pass urine drug test. However, you do not have to worry about this with The Urinator. This device uses an electronically controlled heater with two 9V Duracell batteries, which keep the warm temperature for a minimum of four hours. So, the employee has enough time to appear for the test and produce a toxin-free urine sample with the temperature of real pee. The Urinator kit also comes with synthetic urine substitutes for people to get some practice before going for the test.

Always mix the fake urine sample before going into the testing facility to avoid getting caught. Another advantage of using The Urinator is that it is re-usable, unlike fake pee samples. But, the quality depreciates overtimes, so you should not use it more than once or twice before discarding it. Also, if the next test is far from the last, go for a brand new Urinator kit.

Step-by-Step Instruction For Use

Even if you do not know how to use urinator kits, you can learn it in an instant. The Urinator is a pretty straightforward device to use, but you must first get familiar with the tools in the kit. It is important to have enough practice with the kit to avoid making a mess during the test. A manual comes with the package, which gives urinator instructions for customers to follow on setting it up. Below are directions to follow while using The Urinator device:

  •       Fill the Urinator bag with 75 to 85 ml of warm water (testing) or clean, warm urine (live test) using the syringe.
  •       Rid the bag of air and screw the cap tightly on the end of the tube. Excess air affects the heating of the urine.
  •       Put the Duracell batteries in place, fold the insulating blanket around the bag, and secure the Velcro ends.
  •       As soon as the temperature of the liquid crystal indicator on the bag reads 98 to 100, you can proceed to give the sample.

Terms For Using The Product

The main idea behind developing the concentrated synthetic urine and The Urinator was to protect the genetic privacy of people and not for passing drug tests. Therefore, the manufacturing company does not knowingly sell the products to individuals to pass urine drug test exercises. For those who work for  DOT, for probation, or parole, where you may stand the risk of being genetically profiled, The Urinator is a good option.  According to the law, workers in these industries must submit for weed drug tests willingly to keep the public safe. However, they are also covered by federal laws that exempt them from genetic profiling. So, these employees might not necessarily need the product since they are protected under the law. Ideally, the company only sells to individuals who feel genetically discriminated against in their workplace.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

The first The Urinator device was produced by IRT in 1998 and featured in popular magazines like Rolling Stones, High Times, Playboy, etc. Then, Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee was launched in 1999. All the synthetic urines available at the time were powdered and did not dissolve properly. So, Dr. John’s concentrate was an instant hit and has become the best-selling fake urine. Although many brands claim that they have superior products, you would rarely find anyone as effective as this. The urine concentrate is derived partly from actual human urine, which means it has all the qualities necessary for a clean drug test with only a few extra ingredients. You can search online for ‘drugstores near me’ to purchase the kit. The table below shows the contact information of the manufacturing company, in case you want to reach out for more details.

Contact InformationDetails
Address448 Cummings Street

Suite 202 Abingdon,

VA 24210

Contact[email protected]



What Additional Products Can I Use With The Urinator?

Asides from the Urinator device, other special accessories can boost the effectiveness of this synthetic urine kit for weed smokers. These include

  •       Urinator Wrap

This is an extra layer of clothing that can be used to wrap the device for better insulation.

  •       Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee

Arguably the best-selling synthetic urine in the world. Individuals can purchase more units from the company, however, it is not for sale in states such as North and South Carolina.

  • Vehicle power adapter

Since the batteries are rechargeable, you can boost the power of the two 9V units using your car charger.

  • Extra syringe

A syringe is essential for injecting urine into the Urinator bag through the small hose. So, it is good to have a spare one in case the other is damaged or lost.

  • Other replacement parts

You can order replacements for any part of the Urinator device from IRT. The batteries are sold for $5, while the temperature strips cost $2 each, whether large or small. Also, if you lose the cap, it is available for $2.

The Pros and Cons of The Urinator

There are several benefits of using the Urinator for THC Detox, but also drawbacks. What matters is that the pros outweigh the cons, which is the case with this device. If you have questions like how does it last, you will learn more from the details highlighted below.


  •       It preserves urine for a year if unopened.
  •       The concentrate is a liquid rather than powder and is not fully mixed to reduce the chances of spoilage.
  •       Passing a drug test could secure you a new job.
  •       Passing a drug test protects you from sanctions by the authorities.
  •       Sportspersons can avoid accusations of doping to enhance performance.
  •       The heating mechanism keeps the urine warm for as long as 4 hours.
  •       The size is small enough for a person to fit around their crotch area.
  •       It is easy to set up and use.


  •       The company does not allow shipping to North and South Carolina.
  •       It must be legal within your locality before you place an order.
  •       Excess water can lead to undesired readings on the device.
  •       It might feel uncomfortable having warm batteries attached around your crotch or strapped to your waist.
  •       Cheating on a government drug test is a punishable offense under the law if you are caught.

Common Customer Questions

Is it possible to make the kit undetectable?

Yes. You can hide this Urinator kit under your clothes in plain sight when trying to pass the drug screen after smoking pot. It fits around the crotch region without being noticed. The kit comprises synthetic urine containing uric acid and other ingredients for passing the test, a heater with two 9 volt batteries, a bladder bag, and a small computer for monitoring the temperature of the sample. Despite the many features, it is not bogus, but you must endeavor to wear the device neatly.

Can this keep my DNA private?

Some companies might seek to unlawfully steal and sell a person’s DNA information from the given urine sample. However, this is not possible when you use the Urinator kit as it does not have your DNA. When participating in a urine drug test, the DNA is not the main focus, therefore it is not considered invalid if no DNA evidence is found. Unless it is a genetic test, you can protect your DNA information from fraudulent companies through this means.

Can I take a sample from my clean friend as a substitute?

If you have a friend who you are sure about, taking their urine is a good option. However, it is possible for anyone even children to be on medications like Xanax, which shows up in the test results. If you have even an iota of doubt, it is best to opt for the synthetic urine in the kit. Another discouraging factor is that handling a person’s bodily fluids such as urine exposes you to possible infections. Also, the samples are not gender-specific, so you don have to limit yourself to anyone.

Customer reviews

Potential customers need to read the Urinator reviews from past ones before deciding on where to buy urinator kits online. Below are some reviews from people who have ordered this product from Amazon.com previously, and you would find nothing short of good news.

From this review, it can be seen that this customer is thoroughly delighted with the effectiveness of the Urinator. Although the device is not made for this purpose, many have continually utilized it in evading weed drug tests. Dr. John’s Pee Pee is the synthetic urine that comes with the Urinator kit and is arguably the best in the world.

This customer gave the product a five-star rating because of how decisive it was in passing the drug test after consuming cannabis. Though there is a suggestion to improve its smell, it takes nothing from the Urinator’s unique features.

There are also Reddit forum reviews with lots of positive feedback about The Urinator kit. This customer details how they successfully passed a drug screen using the product.

From all our research, there were no negative reviews about the Urinator kit on any major online store. This shows that It is an efficient means of passing drug tests, provided you are acquainted with the proper use.


Without a doubt, this synthetic urine works perfectly if you mix it in the right proportions, install the batteries, and follow all other instructions strictly. There is an onboard monitor that keeps the urine between 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit to boost your chances of having a clean test result. Another key feature of the kit is Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee, a liquid urine concentrate that trumps all other powdered or pre-mixed synthetic urine.

Endeavor to give the device enough time to heat the urine before going for the test. The kit is also affordable and fits easily in the crotch region, out of view of the tester. If you want to keep your job, get a new one, or in any situations requiring screening, The Urinator is a perfect choice. Read more about it here.