How To Get THC Out Of Your System. Weed Cleanse Manual

By | 29.03.2021

Most people wonder how to detox, how to get weed out of your system, or how to flush marijuana out of your system.  There are several ways to get the pot out or get THC out of your body, but first, let’s define what THC means.

What is THC? how long to get weed out of your system

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a chemical found in marijuana that causes psychological effects for anyone who takes it.

THC causes cells in the brain to discharge dopamine that creates euphoria. This is according to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  THC also impedes how information is processed in the hippocampus. This part of the brain is the one responsible for creating new memories.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

In an article published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, they cited that weed is still perceptible in the blood for 1 to 2 days. There are some cases, though, that it can still be detected after 25 days. If someone is a heavy user, that also increases the length of time that it’s still detectable in the blood.

The natural way of removing weed out of your body

THC users and only take it intermittently have it stored for four days, while those who use it frequently ten days. But for those who have been using it every day, you can help your body through these natural remedies.  These remedies can help in detoxification and weed cleanse.

  • Consume alcohol. This could fasten the detox process as this penetrates the fat tissue, which usually THC is restored.
  • Take vinegar. Because of the acidic properties that are found in vinegar, it helps in boosting the digestive system, which removes toxins such as THC. Vinegar is known to have a strong smell which can be too much at times, so it’s suggested that you take it with lemon juice. Just take caution in consuming too much because it might affect your pH levels.
  • Drink lots of water. This is popular and common. Contaminants or toxins are removed much faster when you drink water. To remove THC or weed successfully, it’s suggested to drink up to 2 liters of water together with the other methods mentioned here.
  • Going to Sauna. When we sweat, toxins from the body are removed too. This option may work for you plus it helps you to relax.
  • As mentioned a while ago, THC is stored in fat. That’s why it’s important to exercise because that helps remove THC as much as possible. Just 20 minutes each day can hasten the process.

Best Detox Drink for Weed

  • Fruit Pectin. This is also known as Sure-Jell, which’s available both in non-liquid and liquid form.
  • Toxin Rid. This product has pills, dietary fiber, and liquid detox. This is one of the most popular products because it has no artificial ingredients and vegan. It has a 1-day cleanse that’s good for cleaning the system in 24 hours.

Best Way to detox your body from THC

Before moving on to products that help eliminate weed from the body, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with Orlando’s comprehensive guide – how to detox thc. All basic and in-depth knowledge about this topic you will find there. Well, we will continue.

Detox Drinks

Herbal Clean Qcarbo 32

This drink has different types of fiber sources, such as apple pectin and psyllium husk. This product is used for bowel movements that increase toxin elimination speed out of a person’s body.


  • Has natural diuretics.
  • Contains a lot of herbs with different mechanisms of action.
  • Contains papain that interferes with THC tests

  • Might cause an allergic reaction
  • Has a laxative effect
  • Dilution is obvious and can have allergic reactions

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

This one has a lot of supplements and vitamins. This product is in the market ever since 1993. This makes it longer in the market other than detox supplements.


  • Contains electrolytes.
  • Has double money-back guarantee

  • High possibility of urinating a lot.

Detoxify Mega Clean

This contains vitamins and herbs.


  • Has Vitamin B for color and energy
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate to cover dilution

  • Needs a lot of water to use it
  • A lot of ingredients that can be considered not safe

How Do Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work?

Detoxification or detoxifying is the process of eliminating toxins in different ways. There are a lot of products that could help eliminate traces of weed and THC. There are various products or ways to clean your system for drug test:

  • Juice
  • Mouthwash
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Shampoos

The effectiveness of detox still depends on the type of drug test. For example, detox that aims at cleansing the urine might result in a contaminated urine sample which might cause some issues and doubts. This happens because removing THC can also remove creatine, reducing the natural density of the urine.

The fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test


Dilution is drinking more fluids and increases urine output, but it does not increase THC metabolites’ excretion. The risk for this is that the testers could see your sample is too diluted.

Synthetic urine

This is hard to detect because it has a similar pH, creatinine, and specific gravity to normal urine. There are specific tests needed to classify compounds that aren’t normal urine constituents found in synthetic urine like cortisol. Some common products are Ready Clean Gel Capsules, Ready Clean Drug Detox Drink, and Fast Flush Capsules.

There are many ways you can try detox cleanse for drug tests, and there are also other ways to clean out your system in 24 hours. The essential thing is to get yourself informed, choose a THC detox kit, and find a marijuana system cleaner that’s going to work for you. If you want to pass any drug test, the best thing is to keep yourself out of it.