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The Best Ways to Pass A Urine Drug Test

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and suddenly find yourself with a pee drug test looming on the horizon, it can be nerve-wracking. You might turn to the internet and look up ways on how to pass a urine drug test for weed. Yes, you might be a responsible user, but a positive test result for… Read More »

Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoos for Drug Tests

Hair follicle drug testing is becoming a popular option for detecting the commonly used and abused illicit drugs in a person’s system. The best hair follicle detox shampoo for drug tests claims it can clear toxins or metabolites in your hair and scalp. Thus, it can help the shampoo user beat the analysis. How Hair… Read More »

Effect of the Shampoo Ultra Clean for Hair Follicle Drug Test

Some Zydot Ultra Clean Hair Purifying Treatment reviews say it’s an effective hair detoxifying product, while others say otherwise. It’s meant to help remove toxins from the hair and scalp and is marketed mostly for individuals who want to pass hair drug tests. The Zydot Ultra Clean is suitable for those who will undergo the… Read More »

How to Use Sure Jell to Pass A Drug Test for Weed?

Before we get to know how to use Sure Jell to pass a drug test for weed, we must first look into its need. Many weed and marijuana addicts are often put through saliva testing, urinalysis, and hair follicle drug tests to check for the presence of illegal drugs. They certainly do not want to… Read More »

Passing a Hair Drug Test Using the Macujo Method

Short Introduction for Article: Are you a drug user scheduled for a hair drug test soon? Here’s the best way to pass – the Macujo Method. Follow this simple guide and you’ll surely beat your hair drug test! You may have heard people recommending the aloe rid detox shampoo to pass a hair drug test.… Read More »

High Voltage Detox Drink Reviews: Does it work for drug test?

When it comes to choosing a reliable weed detox drink to help pass a urine drug test, you must consider three basic things that the drink must achieve perfectly – it must dilute drug metabolites, and it must provide B-vitamins and replacements creatinine to replenish the yellow color of diluted urine. Detox drinks claiming to… Read More »

Baking Soda detox. How to Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Description People use baking soda to beat tests for methamphetamine. Apparently, it blocks the excretion of methamphetamine in the kidneys for a period of time. It may therefore work for a urine, methamphetamine test. There’s no reason to think it may work for other tests. Also, too much baking soda can cause diarrhea, stomach rupture,… Read More »

Best Detox Drinks to Pass Urine Drug Test

So, you just realized that you have a corporate drug test in the next 24 hours, and you need the test to appear clean? Don’t worry. Here is a quick guide on the best urine detox drinks to pass the urine drug test that you’ve been dreading for so long. So, let’s begin by asking:… Read More »