The Best Ways to Pass A Urine Drug Test

By | 25.10.2021

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and suddenly find yourself with a pee drug test looming on the horizon, it can be nerve-wracking. You might turn to the internet and look up ways on how to pass a urine drug test for weed.

Yes, you might be a responsible user, but a positive test result for weed wouldn’t look good in your employment screening.

In this article, we’ll be laying out the most effective and guaranteed ways to pass a pee test so you can start letting go of your worries and begin doing practical actions to come out clean.

How Exactly Does A Pee Drug Test Work?

Before we go ahead and talk about how to test clean on a piss test, it’s best if you first understand how this works. A urinalysis, also called a urine drug test, is a standard drug testing method used to determine the presence of a range of substances in a urine sample.

If you’re an avid marijuana user, this test can easily reveal THC content within the urine sample you provide, which is bad news if you’re trying to conceal your marijuana use.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine?

Compared to a hair drug test, the detection window for urinalysis is much shorter. For example, drugs such as amphetamines and morphine are only detectable in the urine for no more than three days. However, this is not the case for all drugs, especially THC. The detection window for THC in urinalysis can be 90 days if you’re a heavy user and 30 days if you’re occasional.

What is The Best Way to Pass a Urine Drug Test?

There are many ways that you can pass a piss test. You can either do it naturally, such as with a home remedy or use a detox product. In fact, your body itself is capable of removing toxins on its own without you intentionally detoxing. But, this natural process is slow, and if you have to go through a drug test soon, you wouldn’t have the time to wait.

You might be asking, so what is the best way to pass a urine drug test? Well, there is no one definitive answer because between the many natural remedies and detox products available, there are varying accounts about each of their effectiveness. If you do a quick search online on which detox product is the best, you’ll meet inconsistent results.

While all of the methods listed here work, it’s safe to say that the best approach to beat a urinalysis depends on the person and their particular situation, such as the turnaround time they need, their use frequency, and physiology.

How Do Detoxification and Detox Remedies Work?

There are many detox remedies out there explicitly designed to flush out the toxins and contaminants from your system. These remedies can serve as a quick intervention to help you remove unwanted chemicals in your body in time to pass your upcoming drug test. There are two main types of detox remedies: natural remedies and remedies that involve detox products or kits.

  • Natural Detox Remedies
    Natural detox involves removing toxic substances from your body without the use of synthetic products. There are many ways to do natural detox, from exercise to natural home remedies to even wholly abstaining from drug use and allowing your body’s natural detox ability to sort it out. Natural detox methods are easy to do, but they take longer and may not be suitable if your test is just around the corner.
  • Remedies That Involve Detox Kits and Products
    These remedies involve using products such as detox drinks, detox supplements, and even detox shampoos. Many of these products are specifically created to forcefully eliminate toxins in the shortest amount of time, helping you pass a drug screen when the day comes.

Setting Up Your Plan

If you want to increase your chances of successfully acing your imminent urine drug test, it’s best to do a little planning. The proper method for you and the difficulty in completely removing THC toxins from your body depends on several factors. We’ll go over how these factors can influence your success.

  • Period Before the Test
    As mentioned before, THC can remain in your urine for 30 – 90 days. If your employer suddenly asks you to do a urinalysis test, going through the natural detox route should be out of the picture since these methods can take weeks to take effect. Thankfully, you can try various quick solutions such as Toxin Rid and Mega Clean to make up for the time you do not have.
  • Amount of Body Fat
    A person’s weight and body fat can also impact any detox method. As a general rule, the more body fat you have, the more THC content your body will be able to absorb. Having excessive body fat can also make it more difficult to detox THC, which means you may need to increase the intensity of your detox to be successful.
  • Your Marijuana Use Frequency
    The more frequently you consume marijuana, the more it will leave its mark inside your body. It could take up to three months for chronic and heavy users to naturally get THC off their system. If you’re a heavy cannabis user, your best bet would be to use a robust detox product. But, even then, rich THC content can impact their effectiveness.
  • Your Budget
    Many homemade detox methods can be relatively cheap, but if you opt for a detox product out of urgency, the one you’ll choose may depend on your budget. There are many detox products on the market, and they vary in cost. If you can spare some money, you can try products such as Toxin Rid. It’s pretty costly but is proven to be effective.

Best Detox Products and to Pass a Urine Drug Test

The market offers a wide array of detox products that you can use. If you’re eyeing a particular detox product, feel free to browse our website to find a comprehensive review. We have covered every detox product you can think of here on FMA Health to give you the best insights before spending your money.

In the meantime, here are some of our top picks to help you in your urine test:

Toxin Rid

For many individuals looking to pass urinalysis, this product might be the first thing that comes to mind. It has a very high success rate if you’re aiming for a clean detox. Toxin Rid also has a stellar reputation for being an exceptional product. You can tell by looking at online reviews and testimonials.

It’s natural, safe, and can be a sure-fire way to get you through your upcoming screening without a hitch. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, this might not be one for you.

  • Extremely flexible, perfect for a variety of different detox techniques.
  • Detoxifies not only THC but every other chemical, including alcohol.
  • Works for everyone, regardless of their weed use frequency.


  • It can be costly compared to other alternatives.
  • Despite its high success rate, users have experienced some unwanted side effects such as diarrhea.

Detoxify Mega Clean

When it comes to passing a urine drug test, Detoxify’s Mega Clean has remained one of the staples. It’s not as expensive as Toxin Rid but still comes close in terms of popularity. This product works by dilution, meaning it dissolves contaminants that can test you positive in a screening. You can also use it in tandem with other products for an effective detox. TestClear distributes it so you can at least ensure quality.

  • Despite its know effectiveness, its price range still meets the middle ground.
  • It’s highly effective if applied the right way.
  • The drink comes in an appealing flavor.


  • Unlike Toxin Rid and other detox brands, this product may only be effective for a urine drug test.

Certo Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin

Certo is another widely-known detox drink used for passing a pee drug test. Kraft Heinz produces it and can be easily bought in stores or online. Despite its popularity, many are still skeptical about its effectiveness when it comes to THC. But, looking at what others are saying online, you can find that it still has many good receptions.

  • The manufacturer does not advertise this product as a weed detox. Despite that, many users still claim to have been successful using this drink.


  • Even if you’re successful, the effects aren’t long-lasting compared to a full-blown detox product.

Natural Solutions and Home Remedies to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Now that you understand detox products, including which ones to choose, it’s time to move towards more natural solutions that don’t involve too many synthetic ingredients. Remember that these solutions take longer to work. If you have time on your hands and is not in a hurry, it is ideal to opt for these techniques. Some of these are considered home remedies to pass a urine drug test.

  • Drinking Lots of Fluids
    Drinking water is one of the most effective natural ways of cleansing your body of toxins. As already mentioned, water can dilute urine, making the THC metabolites almost undetectable. Chugging lots of water is an easy and excellent first go-to for a detox.
  • Taking Vitamins B-2 or B-12
    Two types of B Vitamins can help you pass a drug test: B-2 and B-12. These vitamins go hand in hand with the dilution method. Drinking lots of water can cause your urine to become pale, making it look unnatural to testers. By consuming Vitamins B-2 or B-12, you can restore your urine to its natural yellow color.
  • Taking Diuretics
    Diuretics such as Midol is an excellent addition to any detox method. These substances cause an increase in urine production, further diluting it in the process. Coffee is also considered a diuretic, so that’s a good plus if you’re a drinker.
  • Consuming Aspirin a Couple of Hours Before the Test
    Scientific study shows that aspirin or salicylates can mask toxins in the urine. These OTC drugs work best if taken a few hours before going through the urine test. However, they may not be suitable for everyone, such as pregnant women.
  • Regular Exercise
    Exercise can boost metabolism and accelerate detoxification. Any physical activity such as cardio and weight training can burn fat. Since THC is stored in fat cells, doing exercise can get rid of them much faster. For individuals with higher body fat content, exercise is going to be less effective at removing THC. Still, it’s worth doing since it also promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drinking Cranberry Juice or Taking Cranberry Supplements
    Cranberry is a natural detoxifying fruit that you can either take as a drink or a supplement. It acts as a diuretic, which accelerates the production of urine. While they can’t completely eliminate THC on their own, they’re an excellent supplement to any detox method.
  • Zinc
    Zinc is another substance scientifically proven to interfere with the detection of THC in the urine. By taking zinc supplements, you’ll be able to temporarily mask the presence of drugs for at least 12 to 18 hours. This method may only work if you’re a light user. For heavy cannabis consumers, zinc alone may be ineffective since there will be a lot more THC present in the system.
  • Getting A Sauna
    Sauna detoxing is another popular homemade solution for passing a urine test. Saunas are great for getting rid of a lot of sweat, which contains THC. By sweating out THC in your body, you’re going to have a lesser chance of turning out positive.
  • Urine Dilution
    This method is done either by consuming massive amounts of water before the test or mixing water in the urine sample during the test itself. Diluting urine with water can decrease THC content to the point that it may no longer be visible.

To get the best results, you can use more than one of these methods simultaneously. That way, you can speed up the detox process. If you’re a light user, you can even set a target to pass a drug test in 24 hours with home remedies.

The Success Rate of Detox Remedies

One of the most significant factors in your success rate in passing a urine drug test is use frequency. If you’re a heavy marijuana user, you’re most likely going to take somewhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks to detox, depending on the methods used. If you’re just a light or infrequent user, it’s going to be less of a hassle to detox. You can even aim to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally.

Some Tips When Trying to Pass a Drug Screen

  • Everyone reacts to the same detox method or remedy differently. A technique that works for another may not be effective for you. If you manage to find the correct remedy suited to your particular physiology, acing your drug test becomes more manageable.
  • Detox remedies are typically composed of many ingredients, both natural and not so natural. Learn about the components of the detox products that you’ll use and find out how they can affect you.
  • Consuming water can dilute urine, but you don’t want to overdo it to avoid the risk of water intoxication. Take Vitamin B-2 or B-12 supplements to ensure your pee goes back to its natural color when diluting.
  • Using more than one method can be effective. Yet, it’s best to do your research homework before mixing or going through each one. Who knows, it might not be safe to coincide one specific method with another.

Should You Have a Backup Plan?

Having a backup plan in place is always a good idea. However, some of these techniques can be risky, and if you’re discovered, they can do more harm than good. You might be tempted to resort to these methods, especially when the job you’ve worked so hard for is on the line. However, we don’t recommend doing these, as these types of cheating can be illegal and could get you in trouble.

  • Delay the test. See if you can postpone the test for a couple of days until your detox method can take effect. Not everyone can enjoy this flexibility as most employment drug tests get scheduled on a fixed date.
  • Adulterate. Adulteration is done by adding chemicals to the urine sample. The things users add to their urine samples during the test vary, from soap to concentrated lemon juice to vinegar. These chemical contaminants create a false test result.
  • Use Fake Synthetic Urine. Using fake pee might be the easiest method to pass a drug test. Well, it’s technically cheating, but if not caught, it’s a sure way to a negative result. You can buy synthetic urine and fake pee kits from various outlets. Just keep in mind that some facilities may be sophisticated enough to detect them.

Cheating a drug test isn’t uncommon. More than half of drug users in the United States are employed. Yet, a positive urine drug test result is infrequent – only 3.5% of all drug tests result in a positive. Federal regulations do not make cheating a crime, but there may be repercussions on a state level. In some states, tampering with your sample can get you fined or jailed if caught. You might want to reconsider doing cheating.


By now, we hope that you have a greater understanding of how to pass a UA. Before attempting any detox methods mentioned in this guide, always remember to conduct your research to ensure effectiveness and safety. Here at FMA Health, we’ve already made dozens of detox methods and product reviews to aid you in being informed. Coming out clean on your pee test may take a lot of effort, but remember, you won’t have to go through any of this if you start abstaining as early as possible. Yes, withdrawing from drugs is still the best way to pass a drug test.